• Community Security

    Securing your community

    We have been providing community or HOA security for years around the metro Atlanta area. If your community has had…

  • Business Security

    Securing your Business and Employees

    The first person that is seen when visitors approach your business is usually the security officer. That is why it is…

  • Personal Security

    Securing you and your family

    Safeguarding people and protecting assets while achieving strategic business objectives can be a constant challenge for any organization. It is especially difficult when operating…

  • Armed Security

    Securing and Protecting your Assets

    Our armed security officers under go additional training that exceeds the State of Georgia's minimum requirements in order to provide…




Experienced Security when you need it.

C3 Defense Group delivers 360º protection of your business and assets through effective and efficient threat mitigation. Our wide field of services and products include Security officers and security guards for site security and mobile logistics such as armed courier.

Our Special Services Group can handle your Personal Security needs for all domestic and international travel. We can handle the basic armed security in a static location to providing armed escort in B6 rated up armored vehicles with secured communications.

Just need basic unarmed security guards?

Looking for something a bit more basic? We also provide many of the Metro Atlanta communities with unarmed security. We can provide posted security officers in specific trouble spots such as amenity areas or provide a marked car community patrol. If you prefer an armed officer, we can oblige.


Gary Clifton
Client Services

Every client is important to us. Our client services team is there when you need us to support you every step of the way.

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